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More & more hotels, travel agencies, cruise companies & brands are deciding to work with travel bloggers. This kind of collaboration can bring spectacular results as it allows for a direct interaction with the potential clients.

What differentiates our blog from others – why a collaboration with us will give you benefits?

We are a team of professionals & experts in our field, which is confirmed both by our references, as well as our statistics (which I send upon request). By working with us, you will get long-lasting results, that will increase your revenue, visibility & get more clients to your facility. Thanks to our expert level knowledge in SEO, internet marketing, as well as psychology of social influence, we know exactly how to promote your business and attract new clients to your brand.

If you are willing to present your hotel or brand on our website or/and social media – don’t hesitate to contact us. We will prepare a thorough offer with ways to best promote your business. Thanks to many years of experience in internet/influencer marketing campaigns, you can count on the highest quality promotion only. We will help you promote your business on a larger scale.

We no longer work on gifting basis collaborations.

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Lenas Around the Globe has been actively collaborating with brands all around the world. Some of the brands we previously worked with:

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Milena has been in the blogging scene since 2015. She’s not your regular blogger. She bases her content strategies on the influence of social psychology in marketing. Pursuant of the master’s degree in social psychology & marketing, she knows exactly how to influence the audience. Some of her previous partnerships (total: 100+):

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